Listen to J. Cole

Til’ Infinity- J. Cole

He’s definitely hitting the big time now, but if you haven’t heard of him yet, download J. Cole’s free mixtape “The Warm Up” right now. (Samora I owe you one for getting me on this guy).

If you’ve ever listened to Jay-Z for his confident rhymes, Drake for his witty lyrics, or anything that sounds amazing without autotune, you owe it to yourself to get on J. Cole.

After I first listened to J. Cole, I thought meh. I randomly gave it a few more tries, and now I can’t stop listening to his mixtape. J. Cole’s flow has grittiness to it. He doesn’t have that melodically smooth flow some artists do, but instead his bars punch and jab in a similar fashion to Jay-Z. I like this flow better. Jay has to be one of my favorite artists, and J. Cole somehow throws a delivery like the legend.

J. Cole’s content is real and not superficially gangster or materialistic and self-centered. He meets a medium between the overly hard rapper with no real self confidence and autotune that sounds like a crying girl. His delivery is confident, but not ridiculously cocky. His essence is genuine and real.

What I find phenomenal with J. Cole is how he can transition from a soft, relaxing melody in “Losing  My Balance” to a hard-hitting track like “Til’ Infinity” without sacrificing his authenticity. His wordplay is elite and very diverse. Some of the puns he throws in make you think twice sometimes (beginning of “Ladies”, leav’em M’ alone like Stockton).

I wouldn’t post about J. Cole’s Warm Up if I didn’t consider it one of my favorite albums I’ve ever listened to. J. Cole’s got talent. And he hasn’t even released a real album yet.

Let me call it right now. J. Cole’s 2010 album is going to blow up.



Outkast- The Love Below (Intro)

Welcome everyone. I appreciate it if you’re checking out my blog because I made you. I especially appreciate it if you’ve stumbled upon it by yourself. Since a lot of blogs suck, I’m going to do whatever I can to keep your attention. I’m accompanying each post with a song I find appropriate to each article  for extra entertainment. Think of it as background music while you read. It’ll give you a taste of the music I’m into and who knows, I may even introduce you to a new artist you’ll enjoy. Anyways, here are the reasons I am writing this blog:

First off, writing hasn’t been my hottest skill, so this blog will hopefully help me work on it. I’m going to work on the simple skill of spitting out a thought or two into writing without spending the whole afternoon drafting it. So if you don’t like my writing, tough. It’ll get better with time.

Second, some of you know about this little “project” Eric and I have been “grindin” on. Well, we are getting close. Get ready, it’s basically going to rock facebook to the ground. It’s gona chew up all those tweety bird things (my humor isn’t for everyone, so if you’re taking everything I say seriously in my posts, this site may be better for you). We’re going to take over like h1n1 at a preschool out of purell. Anything I feel like saying about the entrepreneur in me will be posted here, so check it when you want to hear how we are running havoc.

Thirdly, there’s a need to bridge the exclusive tech startup world into mainstream culture and society. Technology is huge in all our lives, but besides the programs everyone uses, there’s very little most people know about tech and startups. I’ve quickly learned that the tech world (google, twitter, facebook, startups, all that computer stuff) is an extremely exclusive community of braniacs who like to keep to themselves, but an interesting one nonoftheless. There are hella blogs and articles written by tech whizzes for tech whizzes, but what about the rest of us? What about the rest of us that don’t get off by writing code and getting good SAT scores? My goal is to bridge the geek fraternity of Silicon Valley to the rest of the world. I want Marcus the frat guy, Christie the aspiring entrepreneur, and Dave the angel investor reading this blog.

Because I am not a computer whizz, I have non-electronic interests that I will write about as well. I’ll often post about whatever shit pops in my head. This stuff will normally be about my other passions and interests, which include music (hip hop), eating, backpacking, and life. My blog is basically going to be a mixed bag of goodie posts, so get ready to be surprised.