About Me

My name’s Drew, and I’m a growth marketer with a technical background. 

Unlike most marketers, I got my start on the product side while pushing code. Lo and behold, my role transitioned into growth where I helped Bugcrowd 10x their revenue.

Like every other millennial, I’m also enjoy traveling, sustainability, and tiny houses (message me if you want to build one with me…my dad has a sawmill. When I get a spare moment, I enjoy wholesome meals, being active, and continuing my learning. From user acquisition hacks to how to master pan fried scallops, I’m constantly working on my development as a professional and person.


Feel free to say hello @drew_sing.

I worked as a Growth Marketing Manager for Bloc, the largest online coding bootcamp that focuses on 1-on-1 mentorship and a project-based curriculum. I also led growth at Bugcrowd, a web security startup that provides bug bounties as a service to companies like Heroku, Pinterest, and Twilio.

In 2013, I attended Bitmaker Labs, a full-time Rails bootcamp (side note: I love traveling and exploring new cities as well) to become technical and get a better sense of how sites work under the hood.

I’ve co-founded a Silicon Valley startup while in college and worked for multiple startups such as Grubwithus (YC W11). I spent some time in venture capital at Driftwood Capital, a firm based out of Sydney with a focus on mining and alternative energy investments.



bill.com logo

Bill.com is the leading business payments network with over 2.5 million members processing over $50 billion per year in payment volume for over 100,000 customers. Bill.com helps businesses connect and do businesses by saving them more than 50 percent of the time typically spent on financial back-office operations.


Bloc is a mentor-led online bootcamp for aspiring developers. Our structured programs combine 1-on-1 mentorship and original, industry-vetted curriculum for a more accessible and effective alternative to an offline bootcamp.


Bugcrowd is changing the world of cybersecurity. For the better. By combining the power of the crowd with a powerful management platform, we’re able to bring the expertise of the largest crowd of researchers to quickly identify and solve your security issues. Cost-effective and far faster than standard vulnerability programs, Bugcrowd offers Responsible Disclosure and Bug Bounty programs as well our Flex Bounty Program, a limited time, fixed-cost introduction to the benefits of crowdsourcing.

Bitmaker-LabsBitmaker Labs is a 9 week rails development bootcamp. I attended the May-Aug 2013 cohort. After working in Sydney, Australia for two years, Bitmaker Labs allowed me to transition back to North America and upskill myself as a full-stack developer. I chose this program because of it was the cheapest and I always wanted to spend some time in Toronto. Much of web dev is teaching yourself how to code and solve problems, so I felt this program would at the very least give me the tools necessary to learn on my own. It’s done more than that, preparing me as a full-stack rails dev.



My passion for startups began in college when I co-founded Hangchillparty, a web and mobile application built for the continuously evolving social ecosystems of college dorms. It was an instant way of letting groups of friends know when you were free to socialize. This experience taught me keys to design, pitching to angels/VCs, and how to file patents.

Hangchillparty provided evidence of my startup work ethic. I was then persuaded to join Kar.ma, a social marketplace for buying and selling goods for the benefit of charity. It was here where I saw why most startups don’t succeed and the pains of raising money when the team and product just isn’t there.

If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering why I’ve hopped around so many companies. I’ve always had the goal of co-founding a startup or joining a talented team, but to do this, a hodgepodge of startup experiences is important in understanding what has made companies succeed and fail.


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