Applied to Startmate and Incubate Sydney University

This month, we decided to apply to two incubator programs here in Sydney: Startmate and Incubate Sydney University of Sydney Union. A lot of progress has been made the last few months in terms of our team, which is the main reason I’m so excited.

Adam, Mitch, and I have been the core team, but we’ve picked up two key pieces it looks like. Keith Broughton, a backend wizard, and Mia Price, an essential piece for helping us create university events.
There’s something about piecing together a group of people for a common goal that I love. It’s the same feeling as drafting the perfect fantasy football team, or getting the puzzle pieces to fit to bring together the cliché windmill in the forest with colorful flowers dotting the creek.
We’re a long way from finishing the puzzle, but it’s awesome to have the right pieces in the right spots that, with time, can hopefully fit like a grove.

Ideas are important, but I’m a true believer that your team is your strongest (or weakest asset). Ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is what separates the talkers from the ones who do.

Recess Vibe organizes hassle-free social experiences for students and young professionals. From group dinners to nightlife events, we believe nights out shouldn’t be restricted to the weekends. We believe travelling is about the people you’re with, not just the places you go, which is why we organize day trips and even full-fledged group vacations for our members. As people who enjoy a good time ourselves, our goal is to provide the best experiences ever for 18-25’s.

Recess Vibe utilizes a social booking platform for group events that give members visibility to others who have booked. There’s no planning, coordinating with friends, or extra hassles that come with getting your friends together. Just book online and you’re good to go.