Listen to Fashawn

Fashawn- Life as a Shorty

Real music. Down to earth music. That’s how I’d describe Fashawn. Get his debut album,” Boy Meets World”.

Fashawn’s a storyteller. His debut album Boy Meets World feels more like a novel than an album.

It’s cool how Fashawn brings you into his world to show you what he’s all about. Fashawn is expressing something real that most people can relate to. He communicates struggle in his music as well as anyone. He communicates optimism and hope in his music as well as anyone. After a few listens, you’ll feel like you know Fashawn as a person, not as an artist.

Boy Meets World is one of those albums you can play all the way through and enjoy each track. Every song is quality. There is no garbage on this album.

If you’re looking for hip hop with a relaxed feel to chill out to, this is it. There aren’t any tracks that feel like the next big hit, because that doesn’t seem to be what the album is about. It’s more of an expression of Fashawn’s journey from Fresno on up. I love the vibe to Samsonite Man. I can feel his young, naïve energy on this track, and I can definitely relate to that. This is genuine shit, so if you think hip hop sucks because it’s too superficial and everything, give this a play.

When I’m working and doing the daily routines, Fashawn is the perfect accompaniment. His music doesn’t have to consume you, it’s great to have playing all the time in the background. His album just makes you feel good.

“And I’m a samsonite man, yeahhh, I’m a samsonite mann”


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