Sitting isn’t very good for you.

I have been working in venture capital since August of this year. Physically, it’s your pretty standard office job. I have a cubicle and sit at a desk all day. I haven’t been doing a great job of finding time to exercise, which has translated to me being the most out of shape I’ve ever been I think.

Here and there my back will be sore, which is expected since I barely move. This got me thinking, “sittings for years of my life may not be that great for my health”. One of the partners at the firm (around 35 years old) just tweaked his back doing ordinary chores and was out two weeks. He’s been sitting the 9-5 for at least 10 yeas. Hmmmm. This got me thinking, and googling. This is what I found.

If you’ve ever worked an office job, keep reading.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding


One thought on “Sitting isn’t very good for you.

  1. Excellent article – I knew there was something wrong with my 9 – 5 job (other than micromanagement from the boss), just couldn’t put my finger on it!

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