Airbnb was so last year…Let’s house swap

If you’ve got a pad and consider yourself a “sharer” in today’s airbnb, get in a stranger’s car, let’s consume less type of kumbayah world, please keep reading.


My girlfriend Sarah and I are interesting in house swapping with you or your friend during the 4th of July weekend (or nice people in general we can trust).

Airbnb is cool, but we figured swapping pads could be a mutually beneficial way to spontaneously travel somewhere (and for no monies).

Why We’re Considering House Swapping

  • House swapping with someone we know or a friend of a friend would ensure trust and safety.
  • Lodging is often the most expensive part of traveling. We’d rather spend it on nice meals, exploring a city, or blowing it at the stripclub (joking about the last one if you don’t know me).
  • It’s not worth the effort to Airbnb the house for a weekend.
  • Every freaking campground in California has been booked for a year, so this is the next best thing.
  • Why not have someone enjoy our house and location while we’re gone?
  • It’s an interesting experiment. What if we could swap with people for a longer 1-2 week duration? Let’s go international :-).
  • Interact with some cool people possibly in this experiment.

Our Place

*I can take pics of living room and bedroom no prob.

We live in Palo Alto, California where we were lucky to land a cozy 1 bedroom cottage. Palo Alto is a fancy town in the center of Silicon Valley that’s 35 min from San Francisco.

We want to explore a city or town for the long weekend. Vancouver? Sonoma? Bend? Mississippi? Sure. We’re open to anywhere really.

Have a place to possibly swap? If you may be interested, don’t be bashful and get in touch.

Details about our 1 bedroom cottage

Our friends say our home has a country cottage type vibe. We’ve got giant oak trees in the backyard, a hammock, outdoor fireplace, and chirping birds. Again, kumbayah.

Walking distance to one of Palo Alto’s downtowns known as California Ave. Nice shops, grocery store, farmer’s market, and a commuter train to San Francisco are all within walking distance.

We’ve got two bikes you can use to get around, a nice hike nearby, and a vegetable garden you can snack on. In our humble opinion, it’s a pretty sweet spot.

Our Ask

  • An apartment or home (we prefer an entire unit, but are open) for us to stay in Fri June 30, (or Sat) to Tues, July 4 (leaving Tuesday, that is).
  • We’re def down to fly domestically or abroad if it makes sense.
  • We’d want to chat with to ya and make sure we’re both comfortable with the swap. As long as you’re a reasonable person/persons, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.
  • Don’t know me but have an airbnb profile? That works too! Here’s mine.


Swap pads with us. minus the rooster.

So if you’ve ever Airbnb’ed or uber’s around with a stranger, don’t be afraid to get in touch. Even if we haven’t interacted for years or are casual acquaintances, don’t worry. Let’s save some coin together. If July 4th doesn’t work, but another time period might, send me a message too. My email is sing.drew at gmail dut com. Who knows, maybe we can start a friends network of house swapping for vacays. That’s be sweet.



One thought on “Airbnb was so last year…Let’s house swap

  1. Great idea! Don’t know if you’re interested in Vancouver but will share this around and see what the friends think.

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