Bitmaker Life Update: Apologies for the vacant blog

Sorry for not posting since week three. It has been a mental marathon. My tweets, blog posts, and life in general have been cut down to maximize my learning over the last 10 weeks (ten because the Bitmaker week off provided an great chance to catch up and prepare for Rails).

Every day I’ve woken up and been excited for lecture to see what new skills we would gain. Some days have been a tougher grind than others. I’d equate the feeling of these days to being lost in the woods without a flashlight. Ramen dinners and late night sessions have become routine, but it has been an adventure. I’ve never ran a marathon or climbed a tall mountain, but I have to think there are some similarities in the mental mindset that is required during these activities of mental endurance. On days where you grasp concepts and make good procress, it feels like you’ve leveled up in an RPG or something. Ahhh, the new found hit points and tools you now have!

I’m excited to continue working on my skills. Whether or not I get a position during interview week, I’m stoked to see where I’m at in one month and three months. Analogy wise, I feel I’ve finally learned how to fish when it comes to programming, and the web has all the resources I need to extract the skills applicable to become a dev.

Next post: A summary of our Bitmaker Final Project!


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